Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sweet As Sugar

It hardly seems possible to have such good fortune, but today I received another wonderful surprise with an acknowlegement on Etsy. It is from lovely and talented artisan Catherine Parsons, who makes adorable needle-felted mice. Each pretty little mouse is featured with her own special treat and takes hours to perfect as Catherine uses lots of bead and thread detail to make sure each one turns out just right. She also has a great knack for colors with her mice and really cute displays. So when Catherine decided her latest Sweet Petite mouse, "Sugar", needed an ice cream cone, she asked whether I could make a set for her. I was more than happy to oblige as Catherine is one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet. And she's always full of positive, radiant energy that just warms your heart every time you chat with her. Like Catherine, her adorably cute creations are guaranteed to make you smile. Please take a look at Sweet Petite Shoppe.

I also want to take a moment to thank Eliana, whom you may already know as she is there to guide and encourage artisans whether new to the miniature community or experienced veterans. She is so generous with her support and cheerful words that it's no wonder she receives lots of gifts from other miniaturists. Everyone loves and adores Eliana. And those of you who've already visited her lovely blog know that she has a real talent for rustic design and makes you want to hire her to decorate your kitchen!

Thank you Catherine, Eliana and to my other very special friends--in both the real and mini world--who continue to inspire me with your kindness. I really appreciate each and every one of you!


Vicky Lovejoy said...

Beverly your icecreams are too cute for words!! I love the little stand and all the fun happy colours :)
There is something so special about your work and it's no suprise to me that so many people love what you do, it's all gorgeous!!
vicky xxx

Eliana said...

Wow! Such perfect ice cream cone, so realistic!
How haven't I written on your wonderful miniatures?
Everything I write to you is fruit of my sincere admiration for your talent. I'm your fan. ;)
I appreciate your kind words, they made me weep in joy :D

Catherine Parsons said...

Beverly, Your Ice Cream Cones are perfection of summer sweetness!
I am so honored and blessed to have met such a sweet and talented lady! Your beautiful miniatures are reflection of the beauty and sweetness within :0)
I am your fan also ;)

Beverly said...

Vicky, Eliana and Catherine~
Thank you so very much for your wonderfully gracious and kind compliments! They are so beautifully written and it makes me very happy to know that I can count you sweet and supremely gifted ladies among my dearest friends! It is indeed an honor.
Many big hugs!

Eva said...

The ice cream set is gorgeous!!

Beverly said...

Thank you so much, Eva! This is so sweet of you and I really appreciate it.