Sunday, July 22, 2012

Strawberry Friends Forever

What a heartwarming surprise it was to discover that one of my creations is featured in an adorable scene by the sweet and wonderfully talented Vicky Lovejoy!  She purchased a set of strawberry shortcake cake squares from my Etsy shop and now they will be part of a delightful Strawberry Party that will soon begin. At the moment, the host, Twinkle, is busily preparing other treats for her guests and Vicky has done a great job of putting together a really cute and happy scene that will bring many, many smiles and lots of joy, which is what Vicky does to all who have the pleasure of meeting her. And those lucky enough to be counted among her friends, know that she is loving, supportive and full of light. If you haven't already seen her cheerful creations, please stop by Lovejoy Bears and take a peek.

I also want to thank Flora for the generous pleasure of being featured on her gorgeous blog La Casa Delle Bambole Di Flora. That, too, is an honor and like Vicky, Flora is a very lovely, supportive and talented artist whose beautiful shabby chic creations are widely admired and sold in her popular Etsy shop. Everyone adores her work and when you see the fabulous items she creates, it's easy to understand why she's in high demand. So it is again an honor to be recognized by both of these wonderful ladies!


Vicky Lovejoy said...

Beverly I don't know how to thank you enough for your beautiful words. You have made me so happy, I could almost cry with joy :)
I feel very lucky to have made such a special and talented friend and you honour me with the beautiful things you have said about me and my work. I feel the same about you and your work and it is such a pleasure and a joy to know you!
Thank you so much!!
Many, many hugs
vicky xxxxx

Beverly said...

It was my absolute privilege and pleasure, Vicky:) You deserve to be showered with compliments and so much more for being such a genuinely sweet friend!
Many, many hugs to you, too!

Markus said...

Yes I agree! Vicky and Flora's blogs are really pretty. It is so great to see how your work is incorporated into their beautiful sites. :)

Eliana said...

You deserve to have your beautiful work featured in all blogs. ;)

Beverly said...

Markus and Eliana,
It really means so much to me to read your kind words and I am very moved by them. Thank you so, so much and I send many large hugs!

Flora said...

I am so sorry for not being able to comment earlier today, this post: the pleasure is mine alone, to have in my collection your adorable works :-)
They, as you know, bring joy and color into my life.
Continue to work always with love and creativity, as you usual do.

Beverly said...

Thank you, Flora, for your ever so eloquent words! I'm delighted that my creations have enriched your life with joy and color. It is a tremendous honor to have my work so highly regarded as you are truly among the most gifted miniaturists.
Sending hugs...